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Prelude no. 24 180x300cm (OUT ON RENTAL)

Prelude no. 24 180x300cm (OUT ON RENTAL)

180x300cm acrylic, collage, oil pastel on linen. Unframed.

This painting is currently on rental - anticipated to be available again in September 2024. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss availability.

This painting is my interpretation of Prelude no.24. The intense and passionate finale of the Prelude cycle has been the subject of speculation by Chopin scholars as to what inspired him to compose this piece of music. We will never know for sure but this is certainly one of the most musically intense, unrestrained and tragic preludes, culminating with three devastating thuds on a low D of the keyboard.

To me, it is heroic and at the same time dignified in it’s tragedy. I fought for a long time to establish a colour palette that worked for this painting. Thinking it ought to be a stormy blue, the painting got stuck until I allowed it to take on the intense pink and orange hues that, strangely, felt so right.

I documented this struggle and the changes which this triptych underwent in the video below.

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