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Wet Strength Tissue Paper

Wet Strength Tissue Paper

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Important Update Regarding Wet Strength Tissue Paper - Discount for course participants

Dear artists,

I appreciate the overwhelming support and interest in this wet strength tissue paper. This product was initially sourced to enhance the experience of my online collage course participants, providing them with the exact tools they need to make the most of their learning.

In response to the very high demand and to ensure my course participants have consistent access to this amazing material:

1. I have updated my pricing: I’ve adjusted the price of the wet strength tissue paper. However, please know that this change is made to help prioritise my course participants and ensure they have access to the tools they need.

2. Exclusive Discount for course participants: If you are enrolled in my online collage course “Create Unique Collage Papers”, I’m offering you a special 50% discount on the tissue paper. Once you join the course, you will receive an exclusive discount code that you can use at checkout. If you have already enrolled, the discount code can be found in the notes of the Discussion section.

3. For Non-Course Participants: I understand that many of you value this tissue paper for various projects. Please know that you're still welcome to purchase it. However, if you'd like to have access to the discounted rate and also gain some unique insights into creating beautiful collage papers, I encourage you to enrol in my course.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support!

Available in the UK, either from Amazon or directly from Carnival Papers. This purchase option is intended for international purchasers, where it’s particularly difficult or expensive to obtain wet-strength tissue paper.


Maximum order: 2 PACKS of 55 sheets.

High quality wet strength tissue in large sheets.

Each sheet of wet strength tissue is 50 x 76 cm approximately.

Wet strength tissue paper is designed to not fall apart when wet.

This is the exact tissue paper I use in my collage papers course.

Despatched once a week so please allow up to 7 days for your order to be shipped.

Sent by Royal Mail International Tracked or courier.

*Don’t worry if the paper has some creases - they will completely smooth out once you wet it to make the collage papers.

*Please be advised, there may be international taxes to pay on import of goods from the UK. I am unable to advise on the amounts and if they are applicable to your purchase.

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