Collection: OPUS 28

Have you ever wondered what music might look like to a visual artist?

The title of this series of work is OPUS 28 and comes from an idea I had to paint a series of paintings inspired by Chopin’s 24 Preludes, Opus 28.

These beautiful works for the piano are incredibly varied and express the full spectrum of human emotion. This is perhaps why they form such a strange and disparate cycle of musical pieces.

Most are quite short, and only a few are longer. But no matter their length, they are like little nuggets of concentrated emotional information, to be interpreted by pianists each in their own individual way.

I don’t wish to presume I can ever get inside Chopin’s mind and know what it was that he meant to say (though many have tried). I can only know what I feel in response, just like a viewer of a painting has a response largely independent of the artist’s own intention.

My mission for the Opus 28 series is simply to respond to and interpret the intense emotions in the Preludes into visual art.