Discover the key components I incorporate into my creative process to produce multi-layered paintings with captivating visual depth.

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  • “Your ‘9 Ingredients’ is brilliant! Insights gained from experience – inspirational and actionable. Your passion is palpable and your generosity is greatly appreciated.”

  • “Thank you!  Your 9 Ingredients come at a perfect time as I am struggling through my art journey.”

  • “This is such a a beautiful, generous guide and just what I needed right now, thank you!“

  • “Your thoughts make me more confident and conscious with my process.”

  • “Love your art to bits. Am now following all your advice which you’ve fabulously offered everyone.”

  • “Thanks so much for the guide. I have been painting for couple of years and often find it  maddingly frustrating when I can't see any progress or if a painting is refusing to play ball. It's nice to learn some basic truths from an accomplished artist that I can use to guide me. Every one of the nine principles rings true.”